Susan’s Tincture Plus



  • 2000mg of total combined isolate types
  • Great sleep and stress aid powerhouse
  • May help with IBS, crohn’s, and colitis
  • Made with chamomile flowers and coconut oil
  • odorless without unpleasant taste
  • less expensive then other companies while still very effective

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Feeling stressed and having trouble sleeping? Try this great new tincture! It contains 1000 mg of each isolate along with full spectrum oil to make a wonderful new formula. Studies suggest is has powerful anti-inflammatory and calming effects, making these two a power team of relaxation! It is infused with MCT Coconut Oil with dried chamomile flowers for a minimum of three weeks, and then add both types of isolate and full spectrum oil to bring the tincture to 2000mg. The taste is pleasant and please note that it may make you sleepy.

One 1/4 dropper full contains approximately 8 mg of each isolate. It is recommended to use 1/4-1/2 dropper full an hour before bedtime, for a minimum of two weeks to feel the impact. You may increase the amount as needed.

This product is less expensive than many other Tinctures on the market and packs an effective amount for you to relax.


MCT Coconut Oil, Chamomile, Isolate, CBG Isolate and Full Spectrum Oil.

Never test on animals. This product is vegan. Isolate ingredients are sourced from U.S. grown, pesticide free and non-GMO.

Please note: This product may contain up to .3% per oz (the Federal legal standard.) Although our lab tests usually below that threshold, it is possible to receive a micro dose with this product (less than .3%). We recommend anyone whose employment depends upon passing such drug tests that you do not consume any of these oral products (from us or any manufacturer). If you are pregnant or nursing, we do not recommend you use this product, or check with your medical professional first. If you are taking prescription medications, you should check with your medical doctor before taking this. The FDA has indicated that oral tincture may affect how prescription medications interact in the liver. Not intended for children.


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