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Face Toners

We at Self Care Emporium recognize the value of a premium facial toner and mist product. Yet we also recognize that many people do not understand the value of them. Here are some reasons why to use a toner: they act as a ph rebalancing for your skin after cleansing, they will soften up the skin to prep it for the next layer of product, they will help hydrate the skin, protect the skin, and some are even meant to address additional concerns such as acne, redness, sensitivity, or aging. How do you use them you ask? You can wipe your face with toner after cleansing to remove whatever water was missed and to prep for the next step, you can spritz it on your face after applying makeup to “set it”, you can spritz it on your face throughout the day to rehydrate or treat oil/acne. Depending on the scent it can help lift your spirits as well!