Rose Quartz Facial Roller



  • Great for puffy eyes upon wakeup
  • Great for smoothing fine lines
  • Great for tight face muscles
  • Great for helping serum get deeper into skin
  • Feels refreshing

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This rose quartz facial roller helps alleviate the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and tired skin. The gorgeous, mineral rich gemstone is also believed to promote the look of elasticity, firmness and tone.

It comes with two ends, a larger end to be used all over the face, while the smaller end can be used around delicate eye areas. Using the smaller end under the eyes is thought to reduce the appearance of puffiness, helping you achieve a more refreshed, wide-awake look.

The cooling effect of the gliding of the rose quartz stone on your face is known to help calm the skin (like an ice cube would) and reduce the look of redness.
Overall, the rose quartz facial roller can helps with better product absorption following skincare treatments. For example, if you use the rose quartz roller to apply a serum to your skin, rather then fingers, the topically are getting pushed in more deeply and for longer.

1. Using the small end of the roller, start under the right eye and roll out toward the face temple and then down toward the jawline. Repeat 3 times on both sides of the face.
2. Move to the center of the face, starting underneath the cheekbones. Roll out toward the ear and the down toward the jawline. Repeat 3 times of both sides of the face.
3. For a lifting effect, use the large end of the roller to roll upward from the jawline toward the cheek area. Repeat 3 times on both sides of the face.

PRO TIP: Chill your roller in the refrigerator and use it first thing in the morning to fight the feeling of fatigue and puffiness.


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