Uplifting Kit



  • Crystal stone energy bracelet
  • Mini Tibetan singing bowl
  • Coloring book and 12 pencils
  • bubbles for fun!!
  • wooden dry brush
  • coconut body lotion
  • And samples too

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Mindfulness can be used for uplifting your spirits.  Everyone has one of those days were you need some joy and inspiration.  We have hand selected a combination of products that will address the different senses in an uplifting way.  We want to help you put a smile back on your face!

This kit includes a mini singing bowl, coloring book and pencils, crystal stone energy bracelet, coconut body lotion, wooden dry brush and bubbles.  Yes we said bubbles! Sometimes we need to bring some playfulness into our days and who doesn’t love bubbles!


  1. Crystal Bracelet: Crystal stones are believed to cleanse and balance your energy So when you need a re-boot, wear this bracelet. You can hold it or rub the stones to help lift your spirits and raise your energy. If you are anxious then can help calm you down. Each kit will have a different type of crystal bracelet!
  2. Mini Singing Bowl: These beautiful mini singing bowls come in a little box, a little pillow and a little striker. First of all they are super cute and that in itself brings joy. Then they sound great to ding as you need some uplifting, or to break up the stagnant energy or re-center yourself. Enjoy it anywhere you go!
  3. Coloring book and pencils: This adult coloring book has uplifting quotes to color in. And we included colored pencils so you can get started right away!
  4. Bubbles: Yes we mean this! We included a small bottle of blowing bubbles! When you are feeling down or need some uplifting, what better way then to pull out some bubbles. They make you smile and maybe even laugh a little when you try to pop or catch them. How will this not uplift and bring joy to you? Go ahead and try them!
  5. Dry Brush: This dry brush can technically be used wet or dry.. but its great to dry brush yourself in an upward motion to increase circulation and stimulate your senses. Its great way to start the day or any time you need a booster!
  6. Papaya AfterBath: This luxurious body lotion has the uplifting scent to papaya to remind you of being on vacation in summer time. And it has anti-aging properties so you are also helping age gracefully! So anytime you need an uplifting scent put this lotion on your hands or entire body (minus face of course)! Enjoy!


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