Night Ritual Kit


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  • Gratitude journal
  • Calling all angels spray
  • Sleep tincture
  • Lavender body lotion
  • Green aventurine healing energy stone

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It has been suggested that preparing yourself for bedtime can create deeper, more restful sleep. We have hand selected products that will help you create your own night time ritual.

This kit includes a gratitude journal, sleep tincture, lavender hand and body lotion, crystal and flower essence protection spray, and a green aventurine healing energy stone.


  1. Gratitude Journal: This book is a great way to take some inventory of the things in your daily life you are grateful for. And doing that right before bed sets a positive tone for sleeping. The book guides you to what to think about and write, as well as giving you space to write what you would like.
  2. Calling All Angels Spray: This is a spray that brings awareness, strength, angelic support and guidance. It brings a sacred and peaceful energy into your space. Spray around your body and surroundings. Great to use around your bed for just before heading to sleep!
  3. Passionflower Stress Tincture: This ayruvedic liquid herbal supplement is meant to help calm slow your mind and body down to allow for restful sleep. The ingredients include passionflower, ashwagandha root, valerian root, skullcap, kava kava and chamomiles You can take it before bed on a daily basis in water or tea.
  4. Lavender AfterBath: This body lotion from Epicuren is a great lotion to apply to your entire body before bed. The relaxing scent of lavender will help calm your nerves preparing you for restful sleep.
  5. Green Aventurine: This tumbled stone is great for increasing self love and compassion. Place this under your pillow at night to help support your self care and self nurturing during sleep.


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