Mind-Body-Spirit Kit


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  • mini meditation set with incense
  • rescue remedy drops
  • clear quartz tumbled stone
  • arnica body lotion
  • enzymo-spherides peeling cream
  • and samples!!

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This self-care kit includes a great starter kit filled with products to help you calm, ground and center your mind, body and spirit!

The products included are a mini meditation set with incense, rescue remedy for stress, a muscle remedy lotion, a enzyme face mask, and a clear quartz tumbled stone. And samples!!


  1. Clear Quartz: This beautiful tumbled clear quartz stone is a great stone for meditating, to help cleanse, open and activate all the chakras.
  2. Meditation Kit: (full sized) This kit includes incense, an incense holder, a meditation scarf (to wear or can use to set up a meditation alter), a little buddha statue, and a candle. The perfect little travel set or starter set!
  3. Rescue Remedy Drops: (full sized) This 20ml bottle of rescue remedy bach flower essences is great when under a lot of stress, anxious or overwhelmed. You can put drops in your water bottle and drink throughout the day or put drops directly in your mouth as needed to induce a calm state. Great for just before meditation.
  4. Sweet Birch Rub: (travel sized) This lightweight gel with sweet birch and magnesium from naturopathica helps re-energize the body before and after workouts.
  5. Pevonia enzymo-spherides peeling cream: This peeling cream has papaya enzyme in it to help remove dead skin a black heads leaving skin smoother and brighter. It is a very calming, gentle enzyme great for sensitive skin. Best when used every other day, like a mask, in the shower.


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