Energy Clearing Sprays



  • Energy Sprays to help balance you
  • Blend of flower/gem essences and essential oils
  • Can bring with you on-the-go
  • Each one has a different support and purpose
  • Protect and clear your personal space and energy

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These energy sprays help center, ground and calm you, within your own personal space.  They help clear and protect your energy and personal space.  They help on an emotional, physical and spiritual way, using a combination of flower essences, gem essences, as well as a complementary blend of the highest quality true essential oils.

You can use them when under stress, when feeling the need to protect your energetic space, when you want to raise your energetic vibration, lift your spirits, or to just take a moment to breathe.   You can use them in between seeing people at work, just before meditation or going to sleep, or just when you feel the need to slow down and remind yourself everything is going to be okay.

Each spray has a different blend of flower and gem essences, as well as essential oils.  Each one also has a different benefit.  Read about each one out and see which one you feel drawn to the most!

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Calling All Angels, Guardian, Purification, Soul Support


4 oz cobalt blue glass bottle with spray top.  Each blend has a mix of flower essences, gem essences and essential oils.


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