Dry Body Brush



  • Activates blood circulation
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces water retention
  • Removes impurities and dead skin cells
  • Calms redness and spottiness
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Exfoliates

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A great way to start your day is with dry brushing your entire body! Use an upward motion, brushing up towards the heart. Dry brushing can help increase circulation, exfoliate, reduce water tension, boost toxin release, help tighten skin, and will awaken your mind and spirit.

You can also use a dry brush for deep cleansing, rendering rough areas smooth and soft, for preparation before applying self-tanner. Also great to help reduce ingrown hairs.

This body brush can be used wet or dry. It is made out of wood with natural bristles.


wood selected from either pear or beech, natural bristles


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