Dragon Door Chime



  • Great lotus door chime
  • Can use for meditation or centering
  • Amazing melodic sound
  • Great for a gift or yourself
  • Made Fair trade in India

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The healing sound of this red dragon door chime is a great self-care tool for when you want some grounding or inspiring.

This hand-cast door chime is etched with a dragon motif and paired with a large circular ringer with a traditional Tibetan border pattern. Hung from a red cord, symbolizing the fire of the dragon. In Tibetan tradition, not-so-mythical dragons are thought to be the vehicle of the white Buddha of the East. Dragons carry the ‘wish fulfilling gem’ and represent strong yang male energy.

This hand-cast door chime is made with solid brass by Tibetan and Indian artisans in northern India. Each bell and element are individually sand-cast in solid Brass and carefully hand-tuned to ensure clarity of sound and tone. The charming sound is evocative of the famous temple bells of Tibet, melodic and unique compared to typical tube chimes. Strung on a waxed cotton cord. OK to expose to full weather but will last a life time in a protected area.


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